All Information You Need to Help a Crack Addict

Drug addiction is not a new phenomenon. Many families are suffering because their loved ones are victims of it. People do everything possible to save their loved ones from this pit. Drug rehab is one of the radical processes of getting rid of any drug addiction.

Many substances can make people addicted to it. Cocaine or crack is one of them. You can always get in touch with an addiction inpatient rehab San Fernando Valley if you are anxious that your loved one is using such substancesIn the words of the expert team at Concise Recovery Center, addiction feels like an unbreakable and endless cycle, but this is not the case.

It is possible for a person to recover from crack addiction. The Concise Recovery Center is there to help the person and their family achieve it. Some you know have a crack addiction, but you cannot confront them or help them as you don’t know much about it. You can start taking action by learning about the telltale signs that someone has an obsession with crack.

Here is how you can spot the signs of addiction and the health issues they will face because of their addiction.

Signs of crack addiction

Below is the list of telltale signs and health issues crack addiction brings.

  • Presence of drug
  • Crack paraphernalia
  • An utmost burst of energy
  • Change in sleep habits
  • Fatigue
  • Change in appetite
  • Oral heal problems
  • Overdose
  • Withdrawal symptoms

However, knowing these signs is helpful, but it is not enough to help someone with an addiction. To help someone with an addiction, you need to know about the substance and the addiction.

What is crack?

Cocaine or crack is a stimulant drug. It is the extract from coca plant leaves. The white powder crystals they get after the purification is usually applicable for many medical purposes. Cocaine is a controlled substance classified as a schedule II substance.

It is legal to use crack for medical purposes, such as anaesthesia for some throat, ear, and eye surgeries. However, it is highly potential for abuse. People snort it through their nose, rub it on their gums, or inject it into the veins after dissolving it.

About crack addiction

Crack addiction is a substance use disorder. In such a situation, a person becomes physiologically dependent on the drug. Eventually, they lose control over the use of the substance and continue to use it regardless of negative consequences. People with crack addiction have chronic medical conditions. They need treatment for it.

Sometimes, it is not simple to get rid of this obsession. You cannot expect an addict to stop using it on their own or think they will get better once they stop using it for some time.

The treatment for crack addiction includes detoxification. It also uses therapy treatments like Contingency management, Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), or community-based treatment and medication. Crack addiction can cause serious health problems, even death. It is crucial to stop the use of this drug because even a single case of use can lead to addiction and death.