4 things you can do to prove your loyalty to your partner

When you’re faithful and devoted to something, you’re loyal. In a relationship, it means you make your partner your best friend and will ways be on their side no matter what.

Loyalty is when you want to see your relationship flourish when involving your partner in everything you do. The definitions can go on and on but one thing for sure, it’s not an easy thing to do, but with love and commitment you can both learn to be loyal towards each other.

If you aren’t yet sure how you can achieve this, here are 4 things you can do to prove your loyalty to your partner.

Practice empathy

All relationships go through challenges but how we respond to our partners during this time is what sets the pace. Take for instance when your partner is going through a difficult time in their life. Don’t respond or pitifully react towards them. Rather than sympathizing and feeling bad for them, try and understand what is causing them pain. In simple terms, put yourself in their shoes or imagine being in the same kind of situation. It’s the first step towards building loyalty towards your partner.

Once they start to feel that you understand them and are shouldering this burden together, you will be proving to your partner that their problems are now yours as well.

Be a good listener

For some people, listening to your partner can be easy while for some it’s downright difficult especially if you aren’t a born natural listener. The good news however that is you can practice becoming one. Only keep in mind that listening to someone and hearing what they’re saying are two different things. If you want to be a good listener, process each sentence your partner is speaking before responding. When your partner notices that you’re listening and understanding what they’re saying, they will feel loved because it will be evident you’re taking time to understand their situation. Only loyal people do that, and there’s nothing quite comforting like being understood.

After listening to what your partner is feeling, be it anger, sadness, frustration, or excitement you can reply to them based on their emotional state. This will allow you to check yourself before you say anything that may worsen the situation. When we hurry to reply rather than listen, sometimes end up saying the wrong or hurtful things.

Learn to listen without bias, learn to set your opinions aside during such times, it doesn’t mean your opinions don’t matter it just means your spouse deserves to be heard during this time and you can hear them if you are biased or being judgmental.

Learn to use loving gestures and body language to let your partner know you care about what they’re saying. Nod and maintain eye contact to affirm what they are telling you. It could even be as simple as touching their hand as their talking.

When you listen to your partner, they will feel secure in coming to you with their fears, hopes, and troubles because you’ve proven to be loyal.

Make your partner a priority

Does your partner feel like they are a priority? Making your partner a priority simply means putting them first. Their needs, feelings, and well-being come over other people and things. Partners that are loyal to each other will always make each other feel important in the relationship. But how do you do this? You can do this by always checking in with each other. Ask them how their day was, how they woke up, and how they are feeling. All this sounds so simple but it’s easy to forget when you’re caught up in the routine of a relationship. Remember to make time for your partner always no matter how busy you are. You’ll find that sometimes they need you and want to spend time with you. Make time and always include them in your plans. Hang out with their friends, send them random love messages, show them affection in public, be their cheerleader, and so forth. Showing your partner that you love them will help them understand your loyalty. If you’re looking for a unique way to do that, consider gifting them something, such as a stunning Claddagh ring that demonstrates your commitment to your partner.

It’s okay to have other duties and a life of your own. That’s fine, but your partner needs that constant reassurance that he will always come first in your heart no matter what.

Be open with your partner

It feels great for your partner knowing the two of you can talk about anything. But being transparent doesn’t come easy. It takes practice and determination. You have to let go of the possibility of being rejected. You should never be afraid of what the outcome may be. And if you love your partner, this should come easy. Even if it’s difficult for you, take baby steps and tell them how certain things make you feel. Being open with your partner doesn’t necessarily require you to tell them every little detail of your life. Just don’t hide what you feel inside because if you do you’re being unfair to them.

When explaining what you want, don’t be afraid of being direct when talking about sensitive topics. Your partner will be happy to know that you trust them and aren’t afraid to talk about anything with them.

Final thoughts

Being loyal to your partner is a personal decision. You have to be willing to commit to the relationship and to try your level best to make it work. Learn to see your partner especially, that they have feelings and emotions which be regarded. Be emphatic when responding to them during hard times, listen to them as opposed to being quick to answer, check on them and prove to them that you care.

Don’t hide things from them in the relationship, be bold enough to open up to the things that bother you because then your communication will improve and you’ll both be able to trust each other. That’s the meaning of loyalty. Do these things and you’ll prove to your partner that you’re loyal?

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