Three gifts to impress your lady

“Our anniversary is coming right up, and I cannot think of a gift to offer her! Do you have any ideas?” This is a specific line that comes up in conversations with my friends, when it comes to choosing the perfect gift to celebrate an occasion such as the one mentioned above. Now, I understand that the propagation of the misconception according to which women are very hard to read made it so hard for men to actually think of a proper gift, but do not fret, as I am here to come to your rescue. In this article, you will be offered three very simple, affordable, yet incredibly classy items to impress your lady. So, if you are in a pinch, then look no further, because we are going to get right into it:

A pearl necklace

Okay, I know this might be on the expensive end, but look at it as an investment: once you buy your lady a pearl necklace, she is 99.9% sure to know that you are serious about her and it works as an undeniable proof of love and appreciation. Seriously, think about how happy she will look when she will open her gift and see such an amazing, timeless piece of jewelry just sitting there, in its case, waiting to be worn like a trophy with virtually any dress in her wardrobe (because yes, pearl necklaces work with almost every item of clothing, just trust me on this one). Nevertheless, do not hesitate when you see the price. After all, her happiness is worth more than any sum of money in the world! And let’s not forget: a happy woman means a happy man as well, so it’s for your own good too!

An Irish Sweater

Originating from the west coast of Ireland, namely from the Aran Islands, the Irish sweater has an intricate background to it. The main purpose of this jumper was to protect the fishermen that lived on the island from the harsh, cold, damp winds of the sea. The wives of said fishermen took it upon themselves to minutely craft the most resistant garments they could think of, and they came up with these. But do not think they only had a utility part to them: the aesthetics of this item have a meaning too! Usually, the knitting pattern on these sweaters displayed the clan to which the fisherman was a part of, and worked as a good luck charm when catching fish too! Nowadays, they are as much a fashion statement as they are a comfortable, warm piece of clothing to wrap around yourself on cold days. If this story was captivating enough for you to be convinced to buy one for the special lady in your life, you can find a variety of ladies Irish sweaters at Tara Irish Clothing here.

Chocolate and flowers

If none of the above suit your needs, or are out of your budget, then fear not, for this infallible recipe will get you straight to her heart. In my many years of life, I have never seen a woman who does not appreciate flowers. Just make sure to get her favourite ones though: they really appreciate that! Presentation counts as well, so it would be a nice idea to come up with a cheeky, cheesy line when offering those as well, such as: “all this chocolate, and you’re still the sweetest thing in this room!”. It may not work, but it is sure to make her laugh. After all, that’s what you wanted, right? A happy woman!

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