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Cleaning Tips: How to Organize and Store Cleaning Products Properly

Maintaining a clean home takes time and energy and requires suitable cleaning tools more than anything else. And usually, cleaning tools do not only include a simple vacuum or a broom, or even a rug.

You might own several cleaning materials; some may even be toxic, such as bleach. Now, when these things are not stored correctly, chances are your cleaning time will only encompass finding these objects.

Therefore, organizing your cleaning stuff is vital because it reduces your cleaning time. It is easier to do your inventory for which ones to get on your next grocery run. And it also ensures the toxic ones are not readily accessible, especially if you have kids at home.

If you’re unsure how to do it, we’ve enumerated some organization tips for storing your cleaning products properly in this article.

Find a safe place

When used for cleaning, cleaning products may work their magic, but they do not have the most aesthetic covers do they? Therefore, finding a safe place to conceal them should be your priority.

Be creative with your organization hack. Use curtain rods to arrange your cleaning materials in a spray bottle under the kitchen sink. Rattan boxes are also good to display the not-so-pleasant cleaning stuff in style. Things like cleaning gloves, brushes, and rugs are perfect for those rattan boxes. You have to label toxic materials for safety appropriately.

The rule of thumb is to find an enclosed room, not only because these cleaning tools could be an eyesore. But most importantly, for safety too.

Portable containers

Another way to store your cleaning materials, especially the toxic ones, would be to use portable containers to minimize the risk of injuries.

Portable containers are easy to put labels on and can increase the shelf life of some materials you use for cleaning. Baking soda, for example, once you have opened a box of it, whatever is remaining has to be transferred to an airtight container. Not doing so will result in caking or hardening.

Another option is grouping together the tools for each room in the house. Place all the cleaning materials for the bedroom or the kitchen in one container. This way, it would be easier to bring the whole canister together.

Doing regular cleaning can already be tasking as it is. And yet, Maid Sailors – cleaning services Austin developed a systematic and proper approach to perform the same job even in areas that do not get noticed most times.

A dry, safe environment is key.

Storage free of moisture would be the most preferred space to keep all your cleaning materials.

We all know what follows after moisture: molds and mildew. In addition, these cleaning tools have to be stored away from HVAC intake vents. Avoid overcrowding the shelves, too, especially those inside enclosed storage. To avoid chemical reactions, you have to place some cleaning chemicals away from direct sunlight.

Throw Out Expired Items

Declutter your storage spaces from time to time and dispose of expired items.

Some basic cleaning materials and their shelf lives are as follows:

  • Dish detergent is helpful for a year up to 18 months
  • Disinfecting sprays are valid for up to two years
  • Bleach, on the other hand, is beneficial from 3 to 6 months
  • Toilet bowl cleaners will last for at least a year

Generally speaking, most cleaning materials last for about a year or two.

It is vital to clear items beyond their expiration date not because they spoil but because they are likely to lose their potency. The efficacy of cleaning products can degrade over long durations.

Store Within Organized Safety Cabinets

A safety cabinet may be the best choice for houses with enough space to keep your variety of cleaning materials. It is concealed and reduces the risk of injuries.

However, for houses that have limited storage, this is when you have to be creative. Open shelves may be an alternative because they’re easy to install. While a rolling multiple-layer cart is another option, one of the benefits is that there is no need to screw for anything. Pegboards can work if you wish to hang some of the materials. Separate your cleaning supplies by use and arrange them neatly, especially when placing them in open spaces. Lastly, another good idea is to organize boxes to hold those things that do not stand independently.


Wouldn’t it be nice that rather dread the scheduled cleaning time is, you look forward to it instead? And how do you do it? Ensure that the things you need are stored neatly and know where to get which one. You have to gather all your gear in one spot for easier access.

Now that you have made known some of the helpful tips above, you should be on your way to organizing stuff.