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Latest Bedroom Trends in 2022

The bedroom is your own serene, tranquil retreat, where you spend your private moments.  It is the space that envelopes you in a warm and welcoming vibe and transports you away from the hustle-bustle of the world.

In the post-pandemic times, people have realized the value of home and the peace it offers.  The Work from Home concept has changed the dynamics of lifestyle.  In such a scenario, the importance of an aesthetically done bedroom has increased.

The bedroom is the cosiest place in a home, and this fact is reflected in the latest trends in bedroom decor.  The latest bedroom trends in 2022 are enlivening and positive.  They represent dreams and hope, which are the essential sentiments of this era.  Not just about a bed, these trends encompass a whole gamut of decor ideas.

Minimalism is the key

Aesthetics matters, but comfort is of utmost importance.  The ‘less is more’ approach in life is the current trend, and the bedrooms are becoming minimalistic and functional.  The minimalistic bedrooms are clean, uncluttered, and serene.  A simple platform bed, bare walls, subtle colour palette are the features of the minimalistic bedroom design.  Many modern bed designs complement the minimalistic look of the room.

Reconnecting with Nature

People are going back to their roots more and more.  Getting closer to nature is the latest trend.  Many are following the biophilic design trend in their bedroom.  The trend takes inspiration from the botanical gardens and plants.  In this trend, while designing your bedroom, you can bring nature inside by keeping a plant or a creeper in the room.  The other way is to keep the glass windows, which maximize the panoramic natural views of the surrounding natural beauty.

The magic of Mix and Match

Using the mix and match technique to reflect your personality and interests is one of the top bedroom trends of 2022.  It also involves exploring the various combinations for furniture designs, bed designs, upholstery designs, and so on.  You can mix and match various furniture items, curtains, side tables, or lampshades to coordinate with the room’s surrounding design.

Upholstered headboards

Your bedroom is your warm cocoon where you want to retire at the end of the day.  Naturally, you want it to be warm and soothing.  The upholstered headboards or a grasscloth wallpaper is the latest trend that adds a unique texture to your bedroom.  Hand-drawn sketches, botanical designs, or photographs behind your king size bed or queen size bed are the popular ways of adding a personal touch while beautifying your bedroom.

Sustainable decor

Holistic, sustainable, organic are the buzzwords today.  People are more aware of healthier options and look for what is best for the well-being of their families.  Clean and green products, eco-friendly materials, organic fabric, bamboo curtains are the bedroom trends in 2022.  A wooden bed design fits such a decor perfectly.

Bold and moody colours

A bedroom is generally associated with neutral, pastel colours.  However, the latest bedroom trends showcase the use of bolder shades, moody colours, and brighter hues.  People want their bedrooms to be smarter, exciting, adventurous, and exclusive.  Earthy colours have also made a comeback.  Even the bedsheets on the single bed or a double bed are selected based on the colour palette of the bedroom.

Signature statement patterns

Making a signature style statement is the trend of 2022.  Experimenting and innovating in the bedroom decor is in vogue.  A wallpaper of exuberant patterns, unique patterns on pillows and bedding, use of bold stripes, a graphic rug on the patterned floor, all these can make a great difference.

Subtle and soothing lighting

Airy spaces with abundant natural light are the choice of the current generation.  It is the way people prefer to live now, after living so long in closed places with outdoor restrictions.  Hence, subtle and gentle lighting is one of the popular bedroom trends in 2022.

Vintage style bedroom

Vintage style, majestic bedrooms are the flavour of the season.  Elements from the past are always alluring, and incorporating them in your bedroom adds an irresistible appeal to it.  A chandelier, a heritage wooden bed design, a traditional four post bed, a royal looking king size bed are some of the vintage pieces you can use.  Choosing the best beds design is important to balance the entire vintage look.

Investing in best in class quality

Investing in good quality and multi-utility furniture is the in thing in 2022.  People are willing to spend for comfort and convenience.  Value for money is the key.  For instance, good quality latest bed designs are preferred to low cost, uncomfortable bed designs.  A sturdy hydraulic bed is great for style as well as storage.  A folding bed is a smart, versatile, space-saving solution.  The ambience of the bedroom and the quality of sleep are the two factors that impact the budget.

Do It Yourself features

During the pandemic, people have stayed indoors for a long period.  The attachment to your home, workspace, resting places has increased multi-fold.  The trend of giving a personal touch to the bedroom is on the rise.  Plenty of Do It Yourself features are being added.  Some of them include stencils, hand-painted temporary wallpapers, decals, wall paintings, self-designed lampshades, and so on.

Some more bedroom trends in 2022 are as follows:


  • Creating multi-purpose spaces
  • Adding comfort chairs, beanbags, a sofa, or a chill-out space
  • A small single bespoke bed as a value addition
  • Use of various fabrics, tones, textures, and bed layering ideas
  • Use of favourite artworks or paintings in bedroom decor
  • Using coloured furniture
  • Choosing cosy grey as the main colour scheme

That’s what the trend experts say about the bedroom trends, which are here to stay in 2022 and beyond.  The classic elements such as accent lighting, functional storage, crisp bedding, and curtains have retained their popularity.  But the evolving generation is ready to embrace new trends and styles.  The unanimous focus of these trends is quality sleep and ambience of liking.