Wedding Flower Wall Ideas for Your Wedding

Wedding flower walls are incredibly trendy. And it makes sense—a stunning approach to establish a focal point at your wedding is with an opulent wall decoration made entirely of flowers.

So, what’s best? Anywhere you want to capture attention, a flower wall can be used: at the ceremony entry, as a lovely backdrop for your vow exchange, as an escort-card display, at the reception behind a spread of delectable desserts, or anywhere else.

If both the ceremony and reception are being held at the same location, a flower wall might serve a dual purpose. First, ask your florist from your bridal shop Singapore to design a huge flower wall to use as the ceremony’s backdrop.

Flip the room over and place your sweetheart’s table in the same location during cocktail hour. Alternatively, use the flower wall as a backdrop for a photo booth or a selfie station at the reception. In either case, you can pretty much count on stunning wedding pictures all night long.

Have your backdrop for the ceremony be made of greenery and white flowers

White flowers, foliage, and palm trees (if you’re getting married somewhere tropical) will provide visual flair to your setting. As a provider of wedding photography in Singapore, we adore the crisp, contemporary design this couple created with white runners and padded bamboo seats.

Bonus: Following the ceremony, visitors can take amusing pictures against the floral backdrop.

Ivy vines with flowers entwined.

Make an attractive impression without covering an entire wall in flowers.

This wonderful modern interpretation of the traditional flower wall features ivy garlands, floral embellishments, and fairy lights; it has a light, airy vibe.

Installation of white flowers in the lobby

Having your florist wrap flowers around the sides of chairs with stems wrapping up and down the nearest wall will help you create oasis-like niches at your cocktail or reception lounge spaces. Not only will it be completely unexpected, but it will also provide a lovely backdrop for wedding photos.

Aisle-Lining and Wildflower Arch Blooms

Looking to impress visitors while transforming your ceremony venue? Create a setting for your vow exchange that is inspired by a secret garden by working with your floral designer.

Here, a focal point is created by connecting lush flower runners to an arch. Even though you are inside, the entire installation ought to appear to have just appeared naturally.

Greenery Wall with Flowers Hung From It

Just a friendly reminder that your creativity knows no bounds. This installation, which is unlike any flower wall we’ve ever seen, comprises a base of foliage and hanging flowers in a variety of tonal colours.

The flower arrangement, which was housed in a transparent tent with a chandelier, managed to blend in with the wedding’s concept rather than clash with it.

Decorative Welcome Sign

Can’t afford a whole wall of flowers but yet want an installation?

We adore this fresh approach. Have your florist colour-block flowers that wrap around a welcome sign so that your guests see its beauty right away.

Wall of Ombre Flowers

If you want something a little more traditional, choose a wall covered in flowers instead of greenery. The ombré look is also beautiful in photographs (and in person).