Are There Special Certifications for Accident Attorneys?

Personal injury lawyers with financial resources are hired by insurance companies to defend personal injury claims. You will be awarded compensation based on the expertise and skills of your attorney. Most personal injury victims in your community don’t know that successful, experienced lawyers like the Denver motorcycle accident attorney who has a track record of success in the courtroom charge about the same fees as those who are inexperienced.

A lawyer’s certification is an essential indicator that their skills, integrity, and experience have been carefully examined and found to be of exceptional quality by the national board of experts. Insurers try to underpay you as much as possible when dealing with a certified lawyer. Furthermore, insurance companies know that board-certified attorneys are skilled and capable of using the appropriate method to take cases to trial if the offer is unfair.

A highly skilled trial lawyer is your most powerful advantage. Such a lawyer has a far greater chance of negotiating an out-of-court settlement on your behalf than a conventional lawyer. Denver motorcycle accident attorney is a highly skilled lawyer.


The system for board-certified doctors is comparable to that for legal services. Small groups of highly regarded national lawyers established the NBLSC because they realized that most people needing legal help have no reliable means of knowing which lawyers are competent. Consumers of legal services need a system that identifies lawyers as “board-certified” the same way they do for medical services. As a result of the inspiration and dedication of Theodore Koskoff, the NBLSC was established.

Defining Board Certified lawyers as individuals who are sufficiently skilled to be identified by the public, this group was formed to identify and identify consumers-oriented lawyers and law firms. Exactly that was done in 1977. Led by Theodore Koskoff, a brilliant and dedicated lawyer, the NBLSC was founded. Denver motorcycle accident attorney is a member of this certified board.

What are the benefits of hiring a board-certified lawyer?

Law professionals cannot practice in all areas of law, just as physicians cannot practice in all areas of medicine. There are no formal requirements for legal professionals to join the bar or become an attorney board certification or training to practice in any particular field of law. In Texas, obtaining board certification in personal injury law or any other area of the law is entirely voluntary.

Comparatively, the medical community has been dedicated to specialization for more than a century. More than 94% of doctors hold board certifications in their fields of expertise. As a result, consumers have the confidence that the physician treating their health care problems is qualified to do so.

 An attorney can become board certified in 18 different areas of law, ranging from criminal law to bankruptcy.

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