List of Few Supplies That You Must Carry While Going for Camping

Are you planning to go camping? Remember that carrying a few right camping supplies will make or break all your adventure. Therefore, you must carry a few essential camping supplies that are for your day-to-day activities like eating, sleeping, or bathing. Also, you need a few supplies for your adventure and also lastly to meet any emergencies.

You can also find a few research survival blogs online that will be useful to read when you are planning to go camping in some unexplored places. Here is the list of few things that you must carry while going for your next expedition. 

    1. Air mattress
    2. Basin
    3. Camp stove
    4. Chairs
    5. Cookware and appliances
    6. Coolers
    7. Dish, bathing, and handwashing soap
    8. Eating utensils
  1. Emergency kit
  2. Extra clothes
  3. First aid kit
  4. Flashlights or lantern
  5. Food storage
  6. Good shoes/boots
  7. Hiking and backpacking gear
  8. Mosquito net
  9. Pocket knife
  10. Shower caddy
  11. Shower tent
  12. Sleeping bag and pillow
  13. Tablecloth
  14. Tent
  15. Towels
  16. Tri-pod
  17. Water jug
  18. Weather radio

Remember these while Camping

  1. Do choose an unconventional setting for the camping adventure

If you have planned for any unexplored place for your summer camp then you must be ready for all kinds of surprises. You have to learn what the local people in that place eat and also what they like.

You will get more fun and learn a new experience of your life if you choose any unconventional settings rather than any known places.

  1. Be ready to sleep almost anywhere you can

When you are on a camping tour then forget all the luxuries that you must be enjoying at your home. You never know where you may have to spend your night. So, don’t be choosy and be ready to sleep even under the open sky if the situation demands so. 

  1. Find some imaginative places

While bathing in a nearby lake, you may like to attract any cute, blonde in your underwear but not while you are shaving your underarms.

  1. Give up one of your fear at a time

If you have not yet learned swimming well then it can be a real treat to learn a few tricks by taking a little help from few others.

  1. 5. Be ready to explore

Usual discomforts will be inherent in camping but you should be open to making any rare discoveries all by yourself and the environment around you can decide your character and also approach to life. Therefore, try to make most of it.

  1. 6. Maintain proper hygiene

While camping, there is no guarantee that whether you will get any chance to shower or even bathe. Therefore, maintaining proper hygiene is very important. So, you must keep your hygiene kit ready with the following:

  • Sanitizers
  • Toothbrush
  • Sponge
  • Toilet paper.

It will not be advisable to use any fragrant lotion, perfumes as they can attract bugs. You must always go to any nearby stream for washing yourself off. You must keep fresh clothes readily available. 

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