Quitting Smoking: 5 Effects Of A Lack Of Nicotine

This hinders many smokers from moving forward on the path to quitting smoking: the lack of nicotine. What are the effects on the body when you stop smoking? We list the physical and psychological symptoms of smoking cessation for you. We also explain how to avoid the effects of a lack of nicotine to quit smoking in peace!

Effects Of Lack Of Nicotine

Effect Of The Lack Of Nicotine: The Need To Smoke (Craving)

This is the hardest nicotine withdrawal syndrome to fight. When a smoker stops smoking without a nicotine replacement or an alternative to tobacco, the urge to smoke is overwhelming. This is called craving, a sensation that can turn into an obsession but generally disappears in a few minutes and diminishes over the weeks with smoking cessation.

Irritability, Nervousness, Depression: The Psychological Symptoms Of A Lack Of Nicotine

Unlike the effects of CBD on the body, the fact of not being able to smoke disrupts the smoker’s habits while inducing stress of deprivation. Psychologically, this is reflected in marked irritability, a tendency to be depressed, and increased nervousness. The nicotine addiction is psychological in addition to physical, making stop even harder tobacco.

Fatigue And Insomnia Associated With Stopping Smoking

The nicotine is a stimulant, and its judgment gives rise to more significant fatigue than usual. Not to mention that quitting smoking can lead to insomnia, which does not help the state of fatigue felt by the former smoker!

Coughing And Stopping Smoking

Did you say stop smoking and you cough? It’s normal! The cough induced by smoking cessation lasts up to a few weeks and is linked to bronchial hypersecretion.

Hunger And Lack Of Nicotine

The nicotine plays a role in reward while affecting appetite suppressant. Quitting smoking often creates cravings and the urge to eat more for former smokers. This is why, for many, quitting smoking means gaining weight!

Solutions To The Effects Of Lack Of Nicotine

All these effects related to smoking cessation are expected and disappear more or less quickly. If you experience symptoms when you quit smoking, you have to stay the course and stay focused on your goals! If the lack of nicotine is too challenging to manage, opt for the vape with an electronic cigarette and e-liquid—you must be 18 to purchase CBD products.

The nicotine salt e-liquid quickly fills the feeling of withdrawal, while the gesture with an e-cig makes it possible to maintain a gesture similar to that of smoking. The nicotine levels absorbed remaining the same, and you will not have withdrawal symptoms! You can gradually reduce the level of nicotine in your e-liquid until you can completely stop absorbing it.

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