Variability Of Activities Of A Data Scientist

The data scientist is oriented towards architecture and the meaning attributed to computer data. He creates the tools to structure and process vast volumes of data with a transdisciplinary perspective. With this in mind, it collects the data and determines how it should be used. It often evolves in a context where extensive data processing methods and tools are still experimental. Data scientist also handles data science in Hyderabad.

As a consultant:

The data miner has a remarkable ability to adapt to all sectors of activity. He has extensive knowledge of methodologies and statistics applicable in all contexts.

In the banking and finance sector:

The data miner’s work tends towards developing predictive algorithms, the analysis, and the statistical prevention of economic risks (unpaid bills, loans, investments, etc.)

As a data analyst:

It is at the interface between the pure manipulation of data and their analysis. It queries the databases, builds aggregates, conducts the necessary analyzes, and carries out the reporting.

Hierarchic Reattachment

  • General Manager
  • Business Analysis Director
  • Director of the information systems
  • Director of Strategic Marketing
  • Studies director


  • Required diplomas
  • University degree BAC +5 (Master in statistics and marketing, computer science, statistics and business intelligence, econometrics)
  • Engineering school diploma
  • Specialized Master in Big data analysis, management, and responsible valuation
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or Data Modeling

 Duration Of Experience

  • For a junior position: between 1 and 5 years of experience
  • For a senior position: 5 to 10 years of experience

Required Skills

Technical Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of machine learning algorithms
  • Excellent knowledge of data management tools (SAS, SPSS, SAP Infinite Insight, Python, R, Excel, and Access)
  • Excellent mastery of HADOOP technologies
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL and no-SQL databases
  • Good knowledge of neural networks and artificial intelligence
  • Good knowledge of web analysis tools (Omniture, Google analytics, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of marketing
  • English proficiency


  • Analytical skills essential to identify and understand the cross-cutting economic issues of the company
  • Very rigorous and high concentration to ensure the accuracy of the calculations performed
  • Good organizational skills to structure their working methods and intervention plan.
  • Strong sense of service to optimize and improve customer satisfaction
  • Excellent communication skills to explain and convince
  • Excellent pedagogy to explain your working method to employees
  • Curiosity to follow new trends and discover new tools
  • Taste for numeric data and numbers as the data volumes are large
  • Proposal force to offer recommendations to marketing teams
  • Business acumen to spot market opportunities
  • Listening quality to accurately collect the information and needs of internal and external customers

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