What Is More Relevant In The Charges When Switching Gas And Electric Suppliers?

Change your electricity or Gas Company without suffering power outages. What should we take into account before changing to a rate from another marketer? We indicate how to make the change, how long it takes, the documents you need to present and the right energy suppliers. You can meet gas and electric suppliers Uk comparison.

What Do I Have To Do To Change The Electricity Or Gas Company?

The company’s change is straightforward management that users can do as many times as they need. How should it be done?

  • Contact the marketer you want to hire and indicate the rate that interests you.
  • Provide all the necessary documents to carry out the transfer.
  • The new company will be the one in charge of communicating the change to your current marketer.
  • You will receive a final invoice from your old supplier, including the energy consumed before the change. From that moment on, the new company will be the one who bills the electricity or gas.

How Much Does It Cost To Switch To Another Marketer?

Changing the company, or simply the rate is a free procedure for any consumer. Similarly, there are a series of circumstances related to the contract that could have an associated cost:

Permanence: those users who have permanence in their contract will have to pay the corresponding penalty. It is advisable to check with the current company if they have permanence and, if so, until when.

Modify the access toll: in the case of electricity, if we change from an access toll without hourly discrimination (2.0A or 2.1A) to one with hourly discrimination (2.0DHA or 2.1DHA), users must pay at the distributor € 9.04 (VAT not included) for down payment rights.

It must be taken into account that, on occasions, companies assume the change of access toll (for example, Iberdrola with the Stable Plan). It is recommended that clients consult the new marketer in advance if they become responsible for the charge.

How Long Does It Take To Change The Electricity Or Gas Company?

The change of company becomes effective, if everything is correct, at the end of the current billing period and within a period of between 15 and 20 days. Therefore, users will receive a final invoice to pay for the energy consumed before executing the process.

Documents Required To Change Company

To contract a rate from another company, the holder’s data and the supply point information must be provided. It is recommended that users have their electricity bill at hand since it will contain all the information necessary to carry out this management.

Documents To Change Electricity Company

  • Full name and ID of the holder.
  • Contact information: email and telephone.
  • Bank account.
  • The exact address of the supply point.
  • CUPS Code (Universal Supply Point Code).

Can You Change Companies With Outstanding Debt?

It will not be possible to change companies if there is a debt with the old marketer, so users must be up to date with payments.

Exceptionally, those clients who demonstrate that the non-payment does not correspond to them will not have to settle the debt. To do this, they must open a file with the distributor and provide the documents that guarantee that they are not linked.

What Are The Steps To Follow If The Debt Is Not Ours?

If we rent or buy a home, it could be the situation that the former owner leaves pending payments. If so, the first step before changing companies would be to change the owner of electricity or gas.

For the owner’s transfer, the marketer will require the new person responsible for supplying their data. Besides, all this information must be accompanied by a rental or sale contract that shows that the debt does not belong to you.

What Should You Look For Before Changing Your Electricity Or Gas Rate?

Before changing rates, or companies, users must assess the following characteristics and conditions:

Price: it is interesting to know the amount of energy and the fixed term of different offers. We recommend that users use the rate comparator to find out how much they would pay per year. You can check energy comparison at compare market insurance.


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