6 Unique Culinary Dishes in Raja Ampat You Should Try


Raja Ampat is one of the most famous marine spots in eastern Indonesia. This place saves the beauty of a group of islands combined with the wealth of marine life. Some of these things make this place one of the most beautiful paradises in Indonesia.

If you are a lover of water sports, Raja Ampat is the ideal place for you to visit. Not only presenting beautiful panoramas and challenging underwater adventures, Raja Ampat also has many delicious culinary delights that you must taste. Here are Raja Ampat culinary recommendations that are unique and interesting but also highly nutritious.

Sea Worm

For some people, sea worms are disgusting food, even though people in Papua are used to eating this type of food. Sea worms are very popular, especially in the Ayau Islands region, northern Papua. Sea worms are slightly different from earthworms. In addition, these worms have high protein. Interestingly, consuming sea worms is believed to help brain development and increase vitality for men. Sea worms are often processed with satay, balado seasoning, rica-rica, or dry-fried.

Sago Caterpillar Satay

Apart from earthworms, Papuans also like to eat other extreme foods, such as sago caterpillars. In Raja Ampat, sago snakes are often referred to as Koo. Like sea worms, this sago caterpillar is also rich in protein and low in cholesterol. Koo is usually eaten raw and can also be processed using satay. This one food is claimed to make the body more energetic.

Papeda and Fish with Yellow Sauce

This Raja Ampat culinary has a unique appearance. Papeda has a clear and thick white texture made from sago flour. As we know, sago is one of the staple foods in Papua. So, papeda is often eaten as a substitute for rice.

Usually, this dish is served with yellow sauce fish as a compliment. Some types of fish generally used in making yellow sauce are tuna, mubara, snapper, tuna, yellowtail, and several other types of marine fish.

Sago Martabak

You can usually find martabak snacks on the island of Java. This delicious food is also available in Papua, and it’s just that the Papuan martabak uses sago as the basic ingredient.

Martabak sago is made with sago that has been mashed and fried with palm sugar or brown sugar as a sweetener. This one cake is very suitable to be eaten as a dessert because it tastes sweet.

Udang Selingkuh

From the name, people will be curious and want to taste the Papuan cuisine. The naming of this food comes from the size of the claws of shrimp that resemble crabs so that it is likened to the shrimp as the result of an affair with a crab. Many think that eating shrimp is cheating, like eating shrimp and crab at the same time.

Wrap Fish

Besides shrimp, you should also try various fish culinary delights such as fish wrap while on vacation to Raja Ampat. At first glance, this dish is similar to Pepes, but the fish wrap has a different distinctive taste. The difference between wrapped fish and Pepes fish is in the seasoning.

The wrapped fish seasoning is added with quite a lot of bay leaves so that the taste and aroma are distinctive. The spices from this wrapped fish are also not smashed but cut into pieces. These spices include cayenne pepper, red chili, galangal, lemongrass, bay leaf, and tomatoes or starfruit.

The processing process begins by coating the fish with delicate turmeric, shallots, garlic, candlenut, and coriander. The fish used is also fresh sea fish which tastes very distinctive. This wrapped fish dish is very suitable to be eaten during the day with warm rice. So, don’t miss eating wrapped fish while on vacation to Raja Ampat.

Vacation is more than just-food. And it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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