All you need to know about purchasing a Bandage Dress


A bandage dress is a firm-fit dress made from a mix of spandex, rayon and nylon. The weaves reveal different layers which look like bandages, providing its name. The bandage dress for women fits like a second skin and gives firm shape to your body with its thickness and stretch. 

When you are buying bandage dress online make, sure it meets the standards of high quality:

  • Fabric: It should be made of rayon, nylon or spandex. Do not go for cheap quality fabrics.
  • Durability: The dress should be robust in design and have minimum weight of 2lbs either sleeveless or with sleeves. Good quality bandage dress will be around 50 to 80 percent cheaper than their other competitions.
  • Sheen: It should possess subtle or glossy shine on the fabric. 
  • Stretch: A bandage dress can easily stretch up to 3 to 4inches across your body.  
  • Comfort: It should be right fit and comfortable to wear. Its built and strength should provide remarkable support and shape to you.

Purchase tips

It is important to make comparison of prices between two bandage dress online stores. You have plethora of stores of sexy dress cheap online at variety of price different. However, other than price, you should consider these factors too:

Fabric and quality: Polyester bandage dresses are cheap and poor quality. Hence, you should choose dresses made from rayon, nylon and spandex. Nylon and spandex dresses cling to your body and are sturdy enough to wear. 

Online store: Before you choose an online store to make your purchase, make sure you go through the customer reviews. Look out for their reviews on different forums and check their customer satisfaction level. Find out what people has to say about the store and its products.

Shipping: Find out about the shipping options of the store. Also check if there are any hidden costs or after checkout. Select a store which reveals its shipping expenses openly.

Return policies: Some return policies are okay but others are problematic. An expensive dress with reliable return options is a great option than a cheap one which you cannot return. One of the ways to check their return policy is to know about their return period. The shorter the duration, the stricter the return policy is.  

Customer service: Find out if they provide proper customer service or not. Is there option of live chat, telephone number and email ID visible on the site? 

Size: In practice, the size of different online stores may vary. Hence, it is important to check the size charts first, before placing order for any dress.

Undergarments for bandage dresses

The undergarments you choose for your bandage dress depends on the kind of dress you have chosen. 

For strapless wear or sweetheart necklines, you can go for a strapless bra. For bandage dresses with plunging neckline, you should adhesive bras. In several cases, you can also choose to wear shapewear because it gives right fit and support to your assets and dress. Check out the best lingerie and shapewear options for bandage dresses at Lover-Beauty.     



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