Busting Myths and Misconceptions about strippers

The general conception about the business of stripping has changed over the years. Some people might even say, stripping as a form of entertainment has become more mainstream. We’ve seen it in the movies, we have pop icons who have worked their way up from the bottom of a striper’s pole to become famous, high-flying celebrities. Black Chyna, Amber Rose, Cardi B are some of the names that are used as examples. In some instances, stripping seems to have had a major influence on the creative direction of things like movies and music. People don’t look away as much as they used to when a girl in a thong starts to twerk. In fact, everyone is trying it these days – Even your Aunt Gemma can bust a move. Still, there are a lot of misconceptions that still exist about stripping. If you are planning on exploring the Melbourne strip club scene don’t let myths and misconceptions hold you back. There is a lot about strippers that is ignored or unknown. 

  • You’ve probably met one already

The industry employs a lot of women. At some point or other, you might have met a girl who has been a stripper at some point in their lives and for different reasons. There are a lot of women who strip to make ends meet or to pay their tuition. That Account Manager at your respectable place of business might have had to do a little bit of dancing to get through school. Plenty of women have danced in a strip club before, only a few will admit to doing that.

  • Stripping is empowering

Women experience some form of discrimination in the workplace. Strippers can assert their power and dominance because they can dictate how they want to be treated. Stripping as a job can be rewarding and exhilarating at the same time. Like any kind of job, it requires mental fortitude.

  • Strippers are different from prostitutes

When you go to a strip club, do not expect that a lap dance will turn into something else. Exotic dancers, prostitutes, and porn stars are often lumped into one but there are vast differences between them. Strippers are not prostitutes, they do not offer sex for money. the strippers Melbourne has.

  • Strippers are private workers

Strippers have to pay a fee to dance where they perform. They are not employed by the club. In addition to the house fee. Strippers have to tip the DJ, the house mums, and other people who work in the clubs. They rely on the tips they make for dancing.

  • Strip clubs sell fantasy

Most men have fantasies and desires. Strip clubs can cater to some of those desires but they fall short of turning them into actual physical intimacy. Some men just want to be noticed, others just want to see another naked woman who is not their wife or girlfriend. Some will pay money just to have someone listen to them.

  • Your partner is not going to hook up with a stripper when he goes to a strip club

Most men don’t go to a Melbourne strip club-hopping to get with one of the exotic dancers. They like to play pretend and maybe bring some of the sexual thrills to their real-life partners. Your boyfriend or husband might be great but all a stripper wants from him is his cash.

  • Strippers can tell you a lot about the world.

Strippers learn a lot from the people that frequent their clubs. They get all kinds of men from different walks of life who talk about their work and their lives.

The bottom line is that strippers are just ordinary human beings working their way through life. They happen to use their bodies and dance for a living. It is not as easy as they make it look and half of the crazy myths 

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