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Limestone and marble are chemically the same things. They are made from calcium carbonate. The difference is in how they are formed. Limestone is a sedimentary rock and is a metamorphic marble. Sedimentary rocks become sediments that accumulate at the bottom of the reservoir and sink into the rocks and solidify over time. Now suppose that the rock is buried for millions of years deeper until the temperature and pressure are high enough to break the mineral bonds in the rock. The rock deforms and recrystallizes into new rock. A tectonic movement can lift the rock and expose it due to erosion, and we have a magenta. It is a fine choice to give your home a minimal and aesthetic look, and the pro is that it is very durable and strong.Marbles are often used in interior designs of kitchen as functionable but expensive. That being said, there are often kitchen renovation packages that help homeowners afford it.

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How and where to use a marble mosaic

  • They at natural stone tiles have a team of accredited experts aware of interior designing and have a professional and unique view towards décor.
  • There are many ways to use a marble mosaic in your construction project. One of the most common methods is to use it on the walls of the bathroom. Whichever mosaic pattern you choose, it will capture attention and give your bathroom the character of your forgotten but important part of your work.
  • Another great use of marble tiles is in small but important places in the kitchen. Everywhere, from the back wall to the sink and cabinet, make your kitchen cabinets stand out by placing marble mosaic in these spots.

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