Environmental Conservation: A lost cause?

Human beings are the most careless  on the planet earth who knowingly ruined biodiversity by extracting every possible natural resource. This excessive approach to mine, carve and chop everything provided by the nature has brought the earth to a pitiful condition. While we are cooped up in our homes, ignorantly running the air conditioner on full blast, our planet is gasping for breath. Some believe that environmental conservation is a lost cause as we cannot restore the planet and its ecosystem to its original state. This is nothing but a sorry excuse to continue the abuse and darken the future of our children. Here are a few reasons why environmental conservation is still relevant and worthy of a try.

Reduced Pollution

Buying an air purifier is super convenient but can you confine yourself to a room for the rest of your lives. Trees are the natural air purifier of the large room otherwise known as earth. If we reduce our timber requirements and plant more than we cut, our environment will be effectively able to supply clean air. If you think planting trees is a lost cause, look at the story of Hart Cunningham, an exemplary individual that has planted 45 million trees over forty years. If one individual can alone contribute so big, think of what a community will be able to achieve.

Less waste accumulation

Planting trees is just one part of environmental conservation. The next big step is to cut down waste generation on a granular level. The way that humans are dumping the non-biodegradable waste into landfills slowly diminishes the growth of plants and trees. By generating less waste and going green, you can ensure that your plantation endeavor bears fruits.

Increased life expectancy

As the World turns green and biodiversity is restored and taken care of, human life expectancy automatically increases. There are fewer allergens in the environment, minimal pollutants, and disease-causing agents. As the quality of nature improves, so does the quality of life. So nature doesn’t demand anything in return for what it gives to you.


Environmental conservation isn’t a lost cause by any means and passionate individuals like Hart Cunningham have showcased that it is possible to heal the earth. You can find more info at https://nyheadline.com/press/environmentalist-reaches-45-million-trees-over-4-decades/56232 The environmental conversation is all about building a better tomorrow for the children by making a change today.

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