Can Red Potatoes Be A Part Of A Six Pack Abs Diet?

There are many stereotype ideas about potatoes in general, and it needs to be removed because potatoes are very healthy, especially in their natural form. The list of red potato nutrition is extensive, and some of its benefits include low calories, fiber, vitamins, high level of carbohydrate, and many more. Despite the different garnishing often used on red potatoes, this healthy food continues to remain impressive and could fit right into your six packs ab diet.

Red potatoes are healthy despite the widespread belief that if it tastes good, then it mustn’t be healthy. Red potatoes taste amazing and are quite healthy when cooked in some ways; it could make a great addition to your six packs ab diet because of the many red potato nutrition. Trying to eat food that tastes awful to you because of the ‘healthy’ tag on it will not improve your diet. Sooner or later, you will abandon the diet and may return to your poor eating habit, which would destroy whatever progress you may have made beforehand.

There is a belief that you can work out whatever you eat, but that is an unhealthy attitude to work with as your body only forms based on your existing lifestyle. You might find yourself working out with no result for a very long time because you cannot train out a bad eating habit; this is why it is best to master a healthy diet earlier and keep up a lifestyle that could get you your six packs abs.

Most people would argue that red potatoes have a high level of carbohydrate, which can cause weight gain or diabetes. These claims are biased because most of the nutrients found in red potatoes are usually on the potato skin, and it is mostly the potato flesh that contains a high level of carbohydrate. This is why it is always recommended that you cook the potatoes without peeling off the skin and with the skin intact; red potatoes are a good addition to your six packs ab diet.

The glycemic index of potato also varies according to the variety chosen; red potato has a much lower value of 55, which is the same as brown rice. The cooking process can either increase or reduce the glycemic index of red potato, so it is best you take careful note of that. Another notable point is that red potatoes contain a high level of carbs that are usually stored in our muscles as glycogen instead of fat; this makes red potatoes an ideal source for carbs throughout your training session.

Being one of the dirty dozen, red potatoes are quite organic and fit right into your budget, which is why it should be a top priority on your list.


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