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Do It Yourself: Decorating A Small Condo Edition

Decorating a small condo can be a puzzling experience as one has to fit all the essential items in the condo and at the same time make sure that it doesn’t feel overcrowded. Without the help of the interior designers, one can decorate the condo to their liking if they pay attention to a few important details like:

  • Choosing The Right Colors

The first thing to look for when it comes to decorating a small condo (ตกแต่ง คอน โด ขนาด เล็ก, which is the term in Thai) is the color of the wall. One can go with pastel colors to provide a cozy Californian theme or go bold and get creative. Choosing bright colored wallpaper will create an illusion and make the condo look bigger. The wall hanging and the furniture should complement the color of the condo walls. 

  • Minimalist Floor Design

Apart from the existing furniture, a plain rug or carpet in a color that complements the wall would suffice when it comes to decorating the floor. Additional floor pieces will make the condo look too cluttered. This minimalistic approach will also ensure that there is enough room to walk around the condo.

  • Choosing The Lights

Small spaces tend to look dark because of the lack of space. Adding artificial lights like a cozy table lamp, a flush mount on the ceiling provides the necessary illumination for the condo. Based on the height of the ceiling one can even add mini chandeliers if it complements the existing decor.

  • Choosing Furniture

While choosing furniture for a small condo, attention must be paid to ascertain that the furniture sticks to the existing color palette. Small-sized furniture with abstract designs is best suited for condos.

  • Fold Pieces 

Small condos have limited space and foldable furnishings can be installed to make sure the condo is spacious. Furniture like a dining table and work table etc are not going to be used all the time. They can be installed as part of foldable furnishings to conceal the items when not in use.

  • Mirrors, Plants And Wall Hangings

Artistic wall mirrors placed in the right locations will enhance the overall look of the rooms in the condo. If the color is white or yellow, investing in indoor plants can be a good idea as the green of leaves complements the white and yellow of the wall very well. Apart from these photos, paintings and small-sized decorative items can be used on the wall while decorating a small condo.

However, the artworks are usually a treasure. Whether it’s to cover a crack on the wall or show real interest in art, paintings and framed photos bring a cultured and welcoming feel to any space. Choose the smallest wall in your home wherein hang on a big canvas painting that may at once command attention. You can also try to combine uncomplicated photos and colorful paintings. Or take a black-associated white scenery painting or an abstract painting. Another strategic way to make your wall stand out is to create a focal point and collage paintings of varied sizes. Provides a gallery-like feel by selecting modern Indian painting or abstract painting.

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