Cargo Pants and Chinos for Men and Women at Namshi

Chinos and cargo pants look amazing on men and women. They were originally designed for all the outdoor activities, especially when playing sports like cricket or tennis in leisure times; they were very similar to khaki pants. However, they are now more of fashion wear which also proves to be the perfect casual and semi-casual wear. These pants are loose fit or in a smart fit pattern instead of getting clingy to the skin, this provides more free movement and comfort. If you are on a hunt to get your hands on the vast variety of cargo pants and chinos, then Namshi is the best place to shop from. They also have a Namshi promo code which allows you to shop at an affordable price.

They Look Great On Women

Cargo pants on women look sensual yet classy. And when paired with trainers on the bottom, the style statement is unmatchable. However, if you are looking forward to a sleeker look and want to look attractive, then you can pair these cargo pants with some high heels. The cargo pants are versatile to be styled for women. They can be paired with blouses and blazers to give off a very formal look, especially for the workplace. Or they can pair it with their Polo T-shirt, tops, or vests to give off a very adventurous and casual look for the day. Similarly, chinos look excellent on women, especially when paired with heels and a blouse. Namshi has the best collection of chinos and cargo pants for women from different brands, and with the use of the Namshi promo code, you can avail of these bottoms at a great price.

Men Can Rock Them Well

Cargo pants and chinos were originally made for men. They offered a new style to their bottoms which gained immense popularity among the males in a short period. The cargo pants for men are durable and long-lasting. They are perfect for outdoor activities and are also very comfortable to be worn for long hours. The cargo pants can be paired with tracksuit tops and casual T-shirts and polo. These can easily be paired with trainers and sneakers. Similarly, if men want more of a formal yet comfortable look at their attire, then they opt for chinos. Chinos have sturdier cotton fabric which makes it perfect for casual wear. They can be paired with high tops, trainers, and even formal shoes along with some blazers and coats to give off a formal look. Namshi has a vast collection of cargo pants and chinos for men which allows you to shop from a vast variety. Use the Namshi promo code to avail of some amazing discounts on these fashionable bottoms.

For The Family

Chinos and cargo pants are diverse and they can be styled in many ways, this is why men and women love wearing them even the kids. Namshi also has a large collection of these bottoms for the little ones, so that they can rock this style just like the adults. If you are a family who loves wearing chinos or cargo pants, then use the Namshi promo code and get these bottoms for everyone.

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