Orthopedic problems of French bull dog: know and stay aware!

One of the most common orthopedic disorders in the French bulldog is certainly the Patella Dislocation. It is the displacement of the patella from its normal anatomical position, during the growth and adult phase of the dogs. The cause can be congenital or traumatic. It is believed that the cause of medial patellar dislocation. In case of dislocation of the kneecap, the affected paw may rise from the ground, that is, the pet will lift its foot off the ground. This sign usually appears around 4 months of age.

Thigh dysplasia

Coxo-femural dysplasia is a more common disorder in large dogs, which grows very quickly. It is an instability caused by changes in the acetabulum, neck and head of the femur. Heredity and the environment in which the Frenchie dog lives certainly influence the emergence of the disease. Because it is genetically transmitted, males and females who have this health problem are not recommended for breeding. The animal can start to develop this complication even when young. It usually appears between four months and a year old.

Hemi vertebra

It is certainly one of the most common conditions in Frenchie dogs. The hemi vertebra is a malformation of the spine that mainly affects small breeds, brachycephalic and with a twisted tail. The animal that is born with this malformation may experience pain on palpation at the level of the hemi vertebra. The etiology of this congenital anomaly is unknown, but it may have some hereditary basis. This malformation can cause spinal cord compression, scoliosis, and lordosis.

Cushing’s syndrome

This disease mainly affects older dogs. However, there are reports of young dogs. The symptoms are very similar to those of other endocrine diseases as it causes lethargy, increased frequency with which the dog urinates and increased water intake. However, a very characteristic sign of this disease is abdominal distention. The veterinarian needs to perform some additional tests, such as blood analysis, to reach a diagnosis.


Intertrigo is the name given to the disorder caused by the friction of skin folds. It affects regions of skin folds and folds, such as the face folds of brachycephalic dogs. The friction between the folds, the moisture accumulated between them, the little exposure to air and sun, can end up causing the infection. The French bulldog has skin folds at two points on the body – base of the tail and snout.

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