Should You Really Choose Feed-Grade Whey Protein?


Whether you own a pig farm, have cows for agriculture or just some pet at home, feeding them can be quite a task. There are concentrated amounts of each nutrient they require. 

Not knowing or miscalculating how much is required can cost you quite a lot. This is where this article can come in handy. This article further talks about what it is, why you should use feed grade proteins and how you can use it. 

What Is Feed Grade Protein?

Protein is one of the most important nutrients a farm animal requires. It makes the meat healthier and even helps them complete their daily activities. However, the regular diet they follow often lacks a high content of protein; this is when supplementing their diet with whey protein concentrates can help. 

The protein content in WPCs mainly depends on how concentrated it is. While the lower concentrations mainly include 30% protein, concentrations can also be as high as 90%. 

Why Choose Whey Protein Concentrates?

Apart from incorporating a healthy and balanced diet for your farm animals, there are many ways whey protein concentrate can help. Firstly, the protein content in the whey can be adjusted as per your requirements. While you can add more protein, you can also remove it by a process known as ultrafiltration. However, this process does not change the fundamental characteristics of the product. 

Once the process is complete, the end product is known as whey protein concentrate or WPC. Whey is known as a complete protein as it consists of all 9 essential amino acids. These amino acids can help your farm animals receive a complete and balanced diet and make them stronger and healthier. 

Since whey proteins often contain a high nutritional value compared to other feed/food proteins and casein, they are often preferred. In addition to that, farm animals are often lactose intolerant. The other feeds that you can replace whey protein with often contain a high amount of lactose, which can further deteriorate the health of the animal. 

This means the ultimate motive of feeding them the protein gets negated. However, you can feed grade proteins since it has a low lactose content, which means it is safer and a better alternative to the regular diet. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Whey Protein Concentrates?

Apart from ensuring that your pet gets the right amount of protein in their diet, there are certainly other ways it can benefit you. Here mentioned are the top three benefits of using WPC.

  • It is easily dispersible
  • It contains a high nutritional value
  • It is an inexpensive alternative to skimmed milk powder

In Conclusion

With the information mentioned in this article, you now know why you should opt for whey protein concentrates. However, make sure you buy it from reputable and reliable service providers who have some experience in this industry. Rest assured, whether you are looking for a milk substitute for calves, pig feed or pet food, buying whey protein concentrate is the right way to go. 


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