Five Tips To Choose The Best Online Coaching For IAS

The UPSC civil service exam is India’s premier exam for prestigious posts. Unsurprisingly, even the preliminary exam attracts lakhs of aspirants from every educational stream every year, be it science, economics, or humanities. In addition to this tough competition is the vast UPSC mains syllabus. Amidst this bottleneck competition, IAS coaching centres are often a savior. At the very least, they help us cross the finish line through sustained, thorough preparation. But amidst the confusion of choosing among the top 10 IAS coaching in India, most students overlook a very good source of preparation- online IAS coaching.

The online IAS coachings are a blessing in disguise for those of us who cannot afford the living costs in cities with the top IAS coaching in India, or the time spent travelling there. 

But before you jump ahead and enrol into one, here are five tips to choose the best online coaching for IAS.

  • Take a Free Trial Class

Although technology has made it simpler to obtain knowledge, not all coaching programmes can effectively conduct online lessons. Examine how an online coaching lesson is conducted before enrolling.

It’s worth noting whether you can have live interaction with your mentor, professors, and classmates since if you don’t, the lessons will be less productive.

Also, check to see whether the coaching sessions offer a satellite location where you may engage with your mentor and/or get answers to your queries in person.

  • Look Into The Faculty

The professors and teaching staff may make or break your prospects of getting into the UPSC. That’s why the best online coaching for IAS has renowned and experienced faculty teaching you online. Most likely, the instructor has extensive expertise on the UPSC mains syllabus and has successfully taught IAS applicants. This will ensure that you pass the exam with a higher score than your opponents.

  • Check The Study Material Available

Today, free online content is simply insufficient. Thanks largely to the competitive pressure, you need advanced preparation with refined study material to make it. As a conclusion, look beyond the traditional study material. Make sure that your online IAS tutoring offers both video lectures and live sessions, and that the video lectures are updated regularly. Check to see if the online notes, PDFs, e-books and so on are based on exam patterns and should present topics concisely.

Finally, check to see if your coaching session contains memory tricks and revision notes, as these are useful for last-minute studying.

  • Assess The Tests

Online sectional exams: It is best to opt for online IAS tutoring that provides professionally designed online examinations of subject matters covered in class. Consider online tutoring that conducts exams regularly to see where you stand and swiftly corrects the assessments to identify your strengths and deficiencies. Make sure that you take the routine tests both subject-wise and topic-wise since this will help you enhance your grasp. It will allow you to plan your timetable and, if required, negotiate.

Most online classes give you softcopies of the checked tests. Additionally, make sure that you can approach mentors round the clock to solve your queries.

  • Look Into The Technicalities

Inquire if the fees are all-inclusive or are base prices, which would mean you need to pay extra for books, tests, etc.

Find out if the technical staff is friendly, approachable and whether the customer care will help you resolve your queries swiftly.

To conclude, getting coaching can be a game-changer for your UPSC preparation. But most of us cannot afford tutoring at the top 10 IAS coaching in India, either due to the cost factor or the time factor. So whether you’re a student aspiring to join a coaching or a working professional aspirant banking on self-study,  an online IAS coaching is the perfect platform to get the best of both worlds.

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