Telugu movie Guaranteed To make You Cry: Johar

This anthology movie has a collection of five different stories. This whole movie duration is 122 minutes. Released on 14th August 2020, Johar is a film directed by TejaMarni. The writer of this movie is Ram Vamsi Krishna. This movie is produced by BhanuSandeep Marni, Music given by PriyadarshanBala Subramanian. JagdishCheekati gives the Cinematography. Cast members of this movie are Esther Anil, AnkithKoyya, NainaGanguly, Eshwari Rao, Chaitanya Krishna, SubhalekhaSudhakar. This movie is streaming on an Indianmovie online Telugu platform Aha where you can watch movies online free of cost.


Five distinct stories are described non-straightly in the film. After the downfall of Chief Minister AchyuthaRamayya, his young child Vijay Varma (Krishna Chaitanya) possesses the most elevated position and tries to make his dad’s inheritance lasting by building the world’s tallest sculpture.

In Vizag, an energetic wannabe (NainaGanguly) expects to turn into a public competitor by overcoming poverty and all chances. Someplace in Srikakulam, a helpless man’s widow (played by Eeswari Rao) battles to make a decent living and save her little girl from being misled by a kidney-related ailment brought about by dirtied water.

In Varanasi, the little girl of a pimp (Esther) falls head over heels in love with a tea-merchant and starts another life loaded with difficulties. Someplace in Rayalaseema, a hopeful elderly person (SubhalekhaSudhakar) needs to look for assets for the better fate of the youngsters at his shelter.

How these lives are influenced in various manners by a typical reason is the thing that is the core of the film.

One of the greatest, in addition to the points of the film, is its feelings. They are set in the ideal spot as the passionate point functions admirably until the film’s finish. The four stories are pleasantly connected into the fundamental story, and the projecting is right on target. The social message displayed in the film is generally excellent.

Chaitanya Krishna gets a substantial job and is heavenly as the skillful and crafty lawmaker. He performs well and carries a ton of profundity to the procedures. Veteran entertainers SubhalekhaSudhakar and Eswari Rao do equity to their jobs and fill the screen with their enthusiastic exhibitions. A new courageous woman, Esther is additionally flawless in her job.

The unexpected bundle was NainaGanguly. The entertainer who is constantly seen in captivating jobs makes a U-Turn and does her competitor’s job impeccably. Be it her non-verbal communication, discourse conveyance, and execution, Naina has done excellent work. The creation estimations of the film are first-rate as the film is helped by amazing camerawork. The areas picked are real, and the system set by the chief is on point.

In general, Johar is an enthusiastic dramatization that has a magnificent reason. It is an immediate parody of different ideological groups concerning how they overlook public government assistance and consider just their plans. This idea has pleasantly been set through different stories in the film. Overall this movie is something that can make viewers cry with so many emotions and connections. Very captivating and engaging, Johar is a worth-watch movie that has shown extraordinary efforts of everyone and has presented it in the right manner. You can watch many Latest Telugu movies online on aha app.

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