Top Tips To Have The Most Fun On Your First Skydiving Experience!

It looks like you have made the brilliant decision of going skydiving for the first thing. Before we start, you should know that this will genuinely be a monumental experience for you. And if any part of you is scared, rest assured that skydiving is safe and is done under professional supervision.

Moreover, with a fatality rate of 0.28 per 100,000 jumps in the U.S, skydiving in San Diego is as safe as it gets. Although, as the last stamp of a safe skydiving experience, contact reliable centers for skydiving in San Diego, CA. As long as you are thorough with your research, you will have an experience of a lifetime.

So, what are the various things you must remember before having your first skydiving experience? Are there any prerequisites you must know? Read on to find out!

Top tips for the best first time skydiving experience

Your first skydiving experience is something you will never forget. Here are the top things you must remember to check off your list before heading 13,000ft into the sky. Read on!

  1. Prepare yourself mentally first!

Before you head out for the jump, make sure you have made peace with the fact that you are going skydiving. Pop culture has set different expectations, making some think they might pass out or feel it is a lot easier than it is.

Some of you might even throw into a frenzy during the freefall, but that only stems from a fear of the unknown. You are literally freefalling from 13,000 ft, and it is bound to be a bit scary.

But in the face of that fear, you must remember that none of those things you are scared of will actually happen.

You are going to land a lot more smoothly than you think! No, it isn’t going to feel like you are falling! And most importantly, you are not going to feel your stomach drop!

  1. Dress appropriately

Here are some suggestions to consider while dressing up for a skydiving experience.

  • Wear tight but comfortable shoes, preferably tight-laced and well-fitting tennis shoes.
  • Avoid wearing jeans while going skydiving. Preferably wear something stretchy and can be worn to the gym.
  • Make sure whatever top you wear is breathable and snug-fit.
  • Wear basic clothes and nothing with strings, rhinestones, and other ornaments.
  1. Eat right!

A moderate amount of food is the right amount if you plan on going skydiving. Make sure you haven’t overeaten, or too less either. Eating less would make you sluggish and cause your sugar levels to drop.

Eating more will have your blood supply going frantic in your abdomen, which is desperately trying to process the food.

  1. Avoid doing it alone

There is no such problem with going skydiving alone. If you want to experience it alone, go for it. But the only reason it is suggested to take someone along with you is that you would have a support system in the form of someone you know.

Sharing this experience with someone you are comfortable with will go a long way in calming you down.

Wrapping up

If you have decided about skydiving, select a center for skydiving in San Diego, CA. Look for one which maintains safety standards and has trained professionals to guide you. Just keep these above pointers in mind to have the best possible skydiving experience and make memories for a lifetime.