What are invisible ink contact lenses, and when was it found?

invisible ink contact lenses

Infrared contact lenses also called IR contact lenses are the most commonly used device for cheating in the game of poker or other card games.

Usually, these kinds of lenses are used to see the invisible ink markings which are made on the back ore the corner of the marked playing cards.

People do this cheating method so that they can earn some money themselves as they are losing or they want to take revenge on a casino.

If you want to buy these lenses, then you can visit, which is their official domain name.

This is a place where you can buy all the different cheating devices used commonly in the casino.

What is a marked deck of cards?

A marked deck of cards is nothing special, but it is just a deck of cards of some random company selected by the person who has requested the service.

After they have selected the company cards, then they can easily just transform any deck of cards into a marked deck of cards.

The process is very simple, and it will only take up to 20 minutes for the machine to analyze the card and mark it accordingly.

Then it will take a time of 24 hours for the ink to be dried evenly on the card and also these cards are tested first and then they are listed on the marketplace.

How to get a quote for a contact lens?

The process is very simple as you just have to select a good marketplace online after carefully reading the reviews and the rating.

Then you will have to click on the option of the quote for contact lens then you can easily open the tab where you can get a different kind of lens.

Then you will be asked to select the colour of the lens which you want, and it has to be according to your eye colour.

Then you will have to select the circle diameter of the lens so that you can select the field of view for the contact lens.

Then it will finally ask you to select the quality of the lens in which you have to build the lens and then click on get quote for getting a price according to the option chosen.

Will infrared contact lens change eye colour?

The answer is yes, because if you have certain eye colour, then you will have to check the chart to see the colour of a lens suitable for your eye.

If you simply just select any of the colours of contact lens then you will be in trouble as this might change your eye colour and it is easily visible to anyone.

So you must use the colour chart to select the correct kind of lens colour to hide it from the security checks.

This is very important for th9ose people who do not have a common eye colour that is either black or brown, so they need to refer to the colour chart.

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