6 Interesting Things to Do Wakatobi You Won’t Regret!

Wakatobi is one of the beautiful areas in Indonesia that you must visit because of its charming characters, people and environment. Located in Southeast Sulawesi, Wakatobi is currently well-known among national and world tourists. Do not be afraid to spend your holiday in Wakatobi! But many questions may still arise in our minds. What do we do to get the most out of our vacation in Wakatobi? Here are some suggestions to help you decide what to do and where to go on vacation in Wakatobi to fill your spare time! You are welcome to take a quick peek to see if this option is for you!

Wakatobi will surprise you in many ways. Whatever your choice, be sure to relax on the beach, love nature, or even meet the locals. You will enjoy it! Below are five of the best things you can do in Wakatobi. Be sure to think about it!

1.     Enjoy Scuba Diving at Wakatobi

Wakatobi has one of the best diving areas in Sulawesi and worldwide as it is located at the center of the world’s coral reef biodiversity. While diving in Wakatobi, you will have the opportunity to see coral reefs and fish diversity unlike anywhere else on the planet. Because meeting in Wakatobi will make you scream, scuba diving in Wakatobi will definitely be on your bucket list, okay maybe? Overall, don’t forget to make the camera waterproof so you can record your underwater experience. The submerged scenery will certainly impress you. Curious to enjoy your vacation in Wakatobi?

2.     If scuba diving isn’t your hobby, then no worries

There are many imaginative things you can do in Wakatobi. Dolphins are called adorable creatures and intelligent animals. Watching them swim is still pure fun! Even though you may have seen nymphs elsewhere, this adventure of visiting the pools together in Wakatobi can be an unforgettable moment. So, are you ready for a vacation to Wakatobi?

3.     Meeting together with the Bajo Tribe while on Vacation in Wakatobi

Assembling the Bajo tribe of sea nomads who build their own house in the middle of the ocean is a unique adventure that you might be able to do while on vacation in Wakatobi. The Bajo people are known as “sea gypsies”. They still live a nomadic lifestyle by building simple houses using wooden stilts, drifting around the ocean. Some of them are excellent sailors, fishermen or freedivers. They take advantage of the wealth of marine resources to stay.

4.     Try Local Wakatobi Culinary in Your Vacation in Wakatobi

While on vacation to Wakatobi, there are many local culinary delights in Wakatobi that you must try while you’re there! Some of the regional dishes have great taste, which you can’t taste anywhere else. Wakatobi specialties that you can taste include Kasuami, Luluta, Parende bass, Sanggara Banda, Kosean No Kaudafa, Kapusu Nosu, and many more. Why should you eat food? Because local food is part of this culture. Trying conventional food is a fantastic way to sample just a small part of civilization while you’re on your way to Wakatobi.

5.     Expertise Wakatobi Islands

Wakatobi consists of several islands. Each of these islands is extraordinary in its own way and well worth a visit! These islands include Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa Hoga, Binongko and Tomia. Don’t miss the thrilling opportunity to see each island as there is so much to research when you travel to Wakatobi! It is possible to invite your friends and family. They can also enjoy the beautiful area while on their way to Wakatobi.

6.     Watch Spectacular Sunset at Wakatobi

After experiencing the good things in Wakatobi all afternoon, you can now enjoy watching the beautiful sunset using its unbelievably stunning attraction. Catch your snack and spend some time watching the beautiful sunset with your friends. Sit back. Just take some pictures. Relax. You gather with friends and family in the evening and sit overlooking the open fire pit. Does it look amazing? Pack your luggage and go on vacation to Wakatobi, buddy!

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