Best 5 Local Delicacies You Need To Eat In Medan, Indonesia

Food is an ongoing subject. What happened? Whenever you visit a place with a culture other than yours, then you may always find that they cook the opposite. When you have the opportunity to be in Medan, surely you will realize that these specialties are different from what you can see in various regions in Indonesia. Read on to find out more about Medan‘s delicacies.

  1. Medan Fried Kway Teow

‘Medan fried kwetiau’, which means’ Medan-style fried kwetiau ‘(粿條),’ is a Chinese stir-fried noodle that uses a larger form of meat (poultry, shrimp, pork, squid, and scallops), which they make use of chewy and more chewy. vermicelli is not vermicelli made from tapioca. Currently, many people are promoting Medan kwetiau in big cities with a moderate climate, such as Jakarta and Surabaya (I know a good place called Apeng ‘in Surabaya), because many people from Medan have moved. to these two cities. And start a restaurant business. In Medan, especially if you have dinner, visit Kwetiau Ateng ‘because the restaurant is open every day until midnight. In fact, trying Medan kwetiau is indeed tempting. If it can get hot in any other big city, then it needs to be a great food to try, and you’ll have to learn for yourself why it’s so common!

  1. Durian Pancakes

Durian is a controversial food. Adored for its sweet and sour taste, in addition to its fragrant aroma, but not enjoyed by buses, airlines or some other public transport operators due to its pungent smell. It may sting so severely that you are less likely to be allowed to transport and manage the durian while traveling on any public transport.

Eating durian is messy because of its sticky taste, but not durian pancakes because the meat is wrapped in dough. Among the most famous shops selling durian, pancakes are Durian Corner, located on Jalan Mojopahit.

  1. Bika Ambon

Even though the cake is known as bika ambon, it doesn’t come from Ambon (Ambon is a city in the eastern tip of Indonesia). It’s not clear why it’s known this way, but these sweet, decadent cookies are great to eat hot and ideal for eating cold. We highly recommend buying these once in Medan itself, as well as souvenirs. For bika Ambon, visit Jalan Mojopahit because you will find several cake shops selling bika Ambon, such as Bika Ambon Mojopahit and Bika Ambon Ratna, as well as those more popular among Bika Ambon Zulaikha ‘. Not only promoting bika ambon, but this shop also has other homemade cakes like lapis legit, which means sweet coating.

  1. Karo Roasted Pork

North Sumatra is currently home to individual Batak tribes. They undoubtedly have their desserts, such as the popular Karo ‘Roasted Pork dish or Karo’ Roasted Pork, which is pork, crispy and tender. Served with steamed sweet potato leaves (in case you haven’t eaten it before, it’s tender and slightly sour), and it always comes with a green chili sauce, made from green pepper, as well as tauco ‘, salty and sweet red. The sauce is unique in that it is made from fermented soybeans. Many restaurants are selling this kind of dish, and I’m sure they are delicious. But for those of you who are the bestsellers, visit BPK Tesalonika ‘, located in Simpang Selayang District, and give you a generous portion of pork.

  1. Bihun Bebek

Bihun (米粉) is the most popular and softest type of vermicelli seen in several Chinese restaurants from cities in Indonesia. However, in Medan, many vermicelli include duck rather than fish or poultry, such as the one offered ‘Bihun Bebek Kumango’ (located on Jalan Kumango), which is among the most expensive duck noodles in town (over IDR 50,000 / 3.84 USD per portion), but with much more tender duck meat and fried onions topping. You will find more local dishes to try, for example, fermented soursop and carrot apples.

Vacation is more than just the food, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Medan by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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