Create Content That Stands Out

Content is at the heart of everything we do online.

Think about it. A sales page is a piece of content. If you can accurately describe what your prospect is experiencing better than others can, you win meaning you get more sales. If you can get your prospect to say “This changes everything!” after reading your content, then you have a winner on your hands.

The information product itself is also content that can sell. This means that the best sales pitch for the next info product that you sell is when someone loves you existing content so much that they can’t wait to buy your next product!

So no doubt about it, content is crucial to everthing online.

The problem is that for most people, content is quite hard to create. Outsourcing can help, but if you want top quality content, outsourcing can be hit and miss.

The core issue is that for content to be effective, it needs to stand out from the pack. Too much content out there is “me too” at best. It’s just rehashed stuff from other places, it doesn’t have a unique voice or point of view or any sort of emotional resonance to it.

What if you actually created content that can, within minutes, change someone’s emotional state?

If you have this ‘superpower’, you become unstoppable.

Why? Because this is the key to create behavioral change.

Most information out there is just that – information.

See, you can have the best solution ever to a problem, but if you present it in a dry and dull manner, your content will fall flat and fail to produce the change that you intend.

For content to truly have an impact, it must be able to get the consumer excited emotionally.

In other words, it’s not just a matter of getting your audience to consume the information your produce. It’s how they ‘feel’ about the information they’ve consumed.

Here’s something to think about.

Have you ever heard a presentation that puts you to sleep because the presenter is totally monotone throughout the presentation?

Here’s the thing. If you feel like someone is not being engaged in the material, you yourself lose interest too!

When you don’t come across like you care, then your audience is less likely to listen.

And so here’s the secret to creating emotional excitement in your content.

You first need to feel it yourself! Then it’s the job of the content to communicate this feeling to your audience.

Expert content creator Jason Fladlien calls this ’emotional osmosis’. He says he first envisions what impact he wants to achieve, then he writes it with that in mind. If it is a webinar where the purpose is to inspire hope, he will speak with hope in his voice.

So before creating your next piece of content, find a way to excite yourself. Then unleash that excitement in the content.

The end result is that you leave an impression on your audience, and THAT makes you stand out and memorable.

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