PVR Live – Live TV for Android TV BOX

Current times with busy life schedules will make live TV watching difficult. And having to miss out on one’s favourite programs leaves great disappointment. Thinking about missing out on them itself will be stressful. And one purpose of watching TV is to de-stress and bring in relaxation. Not to worry, as, about to introduce a way of avoiding this disappointing and stressful situation. Here follows, an exact way how one should get about in riding over this awful situation. No worries, it can be done with the PVR Live TV smart App.

About PVR Live TV App

PVR Live TV smart App is focussed to give its users, by incorporating the best features in the app, to record their selections live, for later playback. It gives access to many popular TV original channels which includes the top rung popular, IPTV, HDHomeRun, Engima2. PVR contents are featured with permission from their franchise owners. The users of the PVR app does not have to one bit worry about the app been penalised for copyright infringement.

Once recorded it is as good as been original. Provides live add-ons for live channels. PVR Live app offers a comprehensive guide on all its features with regular updates. From this guide users will find it so easy to be guided on what they want, with the least bother and time. Guide will contain the subject/topic/name, date, and time of telecast, genre, cast and a review by popular personalities.

The app offers many logos for users to attach to recorded videos for their personal identification of the contents. Its Multi Audio Tracks feature is amazing. It will support multiple audio/language tracks which will enable live streaming. A bonus feature, by offering in different languages for the benefit of multi-lingual users. Create one video stream to include multi-audio tracks to make the set up easy, and to reduce the bandwidth and cost of processing. With stereo sound, the quality is unmatchable. Multiple languages offered include English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Ukrainian, Polish, and Italian. Select subtitles from CC, DVBSUB, Teletext modes.

With the Time shift mode, pause, play, and select, thus giving the users the satisfaction of breaks in between. Very useful when watching long duration contents. Add to the home screen, recommendations of channels and recorded programs for the quickest access without effort.

With the many options offered by this super world renowned PVR Live TV smart App, including many multi languages options, the app has opened its doors far and wide to the whole world. One great reason for the app’s popular demand in the world. Load this super PVR Live TV smart App to your favourite personal smart device and join the world in celebrating their satisfaction of efficient access to their favourite contents and recording them with best quality for replay. Enjoy, good times with family and friends, sharing together thrilling video contents from PVR Live TV smart App re plays, and bring in the best of quality in TV watching, with the best relaxation to all.

Download PVR Live TV app for TV BOX

You can use this app to watch all your IPTV channels on your Android TV. Nice and easy to use interface for your TV. There are many IPTV players like PVR on Applinked, Filesynced and unlinked stores. You may find best IPTV players on those stores because those stores are maintained by users instead of owners like Aptoide TV, AC Market and etc. First install Applinked apk on your TV box and use any popular Applinked code and check those TV apps and games for free.

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