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How To Choose the Right Fan for Your House

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about firing up the air conditioner unit. Temperatures have been mild for the most part, but as June and July arrive that’s sure to change.

If you’re like most of the population, then as prices everywhere continue to soar you’re looking for ways to save on electricity this summer. One easy way to help is by using fans to stay cool instead of running your hvac system all day long. Here’s a quick guide on fan types so you can choose the right option.

Ceiling Fans

Installed in many new homes, and definitely a popular item to purchase and install this time of year. These fans are a great choice for large rooms like living and family rooms or bedrooms and indoor porches. They provide cooling air circulation in the summer and can also help move warm air around the room in the winter.

During the summer months it’s important to remember that ceiling fans are meant to cool people and not rooms, so once you leave be sure to turn off the fan. However, these fans can be difficult to install without the right skillset so might not be the ideal solution for every homeowner.

Tabletop and Floor Fans

Table top and floor fans offer a number of benefits for the average consumer, including its affordability. They’re also portable which makes them easy to move from room to room easily, meaning that you most likely won’t need more than a few for your apartment or house.

These fans are energy efficient and provide a cooling effect without taking up too much space which can make them ideal for even the smallest of spaces.

Tower and Pedestal Fans

Yet another popular fan solution are the sleek and effective pedestal or tower fans. These elevate the fan head up off the floor which can help circulate the air more evenly around the room. The slim design makes them a great choice for rooms where floor-space might be limited.

You will want to make sure that you use these fans in an area that’s protected from the weather and outside elements to make sure they function well for long periods of time and help protect your investment.

Garage and Shop Fans

If you’re looking for a heavier duty solution for a huge area at your house, then consider a garage or shop fan. They’re heavier-duty than your standard household fans and are actually designed to service these bigger areas. They’ll provide more airflow and they’re also much more durable so should last for a long time.

Make sure you’re ready for the upcoming heat waves by stocking up on a good fan solution to stay energy efficient while also being sure to get your hvac system serviced by a trusted local company.