Landscaping Soil Suppliers: The Best Types of Soil for Your Garden!

Landscaping Soil Suppliers

If you’re looking to improve your garden, it’s important to use the right soil type. Landscaping soil suppliers can provide you with a variety of perfect soils for your garden. We’ll discuss the different types of soil best suited for gardening purposes. So whether you’re new to landscaping or a seasoned pro, be sure to read on!

Peat Moss

It is an excellent soil amendment for landscaping. It is light and airy, so it helps to loosen compacted soils. It also has a high water-holding capacity, so it can help your plants stay hydrated during dry periods. And because peat moss is slow to decompose, it will continue to provide these benefits for many years.


It is another great soil amendment for landscaping. It is full of nutrients that plants need to thrive, and it can help improve drainage in compacted soils. Compost also helps suppress weeds and reduce water evaporation from the soil surface.


Manure is another type of organic matter used as garden soil. Manure comes from animals, such as cows and chickens, and contains high levels of nitrogen and other nutrients. It can be used for fertilizing gardens and improving the quality of the soil.


Topsoil is a good option if you need to add some volume to your landscaping soil. It is the layer of soil that sits atop the subsoil. It is typically dark and rich in organic matter, which makes it ideal for planting. In addition, topsoil is necessary for plant growth and helps to anchor plants in the ground.


It is a mix of sand, silt, and clay. It is considered the ideal type of soil for landscaping because it has good drainage and retains moisture well. Landscaping soil suppliers typically sell loam by the cubic yard. One cubic yard of loam weighs about 2700 pounds.


Clay is one of the three main types of soil found in nature. It can be found worldwide but is most common in areas with high rainfall. This soil is made up of small particles of minerals and organic matter. It is very moisture retentive, which helps keep plants hydrated during dry periods. Clay soil also has a high nutrient content, making it ideal for growing healthy plants.


Loess is a sedimentary rock made up of very fine silt particles that have been blown by the wind and deposited. It is an ideal material because it is easy to work with, has good moisture-retaining properties, and is relatively inexpensive. Loess soils are very fertile and are often used in agriculture.

Turf Underlay

It is used to provide support for turfgrass. It helps to prevent the turf from sinking into the ground and creates a level surface for the grass to grow on. Turf underlay is usually made from a mixture of clay, sand, and topsoil, and it can be purchased from a landscaping supplier.

Potting Mix

It is used for plants that are grown in containers. It is made up of various ingredients, including peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. Potting mix is often referred to as potting soil, but it is important to note that potting mix and potting soil are not the same things.

Garden Mix

This soil is rich in nutrients and contains a blend of peat moss, manure, and sand. This combination provides the perfect environment for flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Garden Mix is also great for use in raised beds and planters.

Many different types of soil can be used in landscaping. Each type of soil has its own benefits and uses. Landscaping soil suppliers can help you choose the right type of soil for your needs. With the right soil, you can create a beautiful and healthy garden.