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How to clean the air conditioner

Housewives often wonder about the best way to clean the air conditioners at home, whether it is the old classic air conditioners that come with a window hole in the wall of the room, modern ones, or in the form of mobile units in the sides of the room.

You have several ways to clean these air conditioners, whether the solution is synthetic products that you find available in many supermarkets, and you also have the simple traditional methods.

The most important rule is to do this cleaning regularly. Lest dirt, dust, and dust accumulate and become difficult to get rid of later.

Split air conditioner cleaning

You can do this by unplugging it from the electricity in the first place, and then gently wiping all of its exterior parts, whether this is using synthetic preparations or using a mixture of warm water and vinegar. Make sure to remove the filter for air purification and then remove it and wash it gently with soap and water; In order not to cause breaches in the fine filter, then dry it with a hairdryer, gently, or by sunbathing. Put the filter back in and make sure that the inside and outside of the air conditioner are dry well before reconnecting it to the electricity.

How to wash the conditioner?

First, disconnect the air conditioner from the electricity, and then start by wiping the outer parts of it using a mixture of water and white vinegar or using synthetic preparations that you find sold in many stores. Then unscrew the filter, remove it a little, start with a flick of the dust, and then wash it with soap and water and dry it gently. Put all the parts back in their place, and make sure to dry the air conditioner from the water well, inside and outside, before connecting it to the electricity again.

Wash the conditioner with water

You can wash the air conditioner with water, especially the filter, but provided you disconnect the air conditioner from the electricity in the first place and then use a water sprinkler thinly. Lest you cause filter breaches. You can also use soap for this washing. It guarantees more hygiene, then leaves the filter to soak a bit or dry it gently with a hairdryer.

How to clean the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

In the event that you have an external unit for the air conditioner and you want to clean it, all you have to do is disconnect the air conditioner from the electricity, and then disassemble this outer part and set it aside and wash it with water in a way that does not cause breaches in the thin filter, but in a way that shakes off these dust and washes the air pores. You can also use soap in this cleaning process. Be sure to wipe the dust well from the edges of the outdoor unit, and allow the outside to soak a little before putting it back in place.

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