Portable Edge Banders

It is among the most noticeable and responsive signs of a great task. You want joints to look and feel virtually unseen yet be strong enough to endure years of children climbing on counters or customers spilling coffee. Professional-grade side banding used to be a big-shop process, and the little guys were entrusted to a steam irons as well as an utility blade. Kid, exactly how things have transformed.

That portability makes it a feasible option for jobsites in addition to woodshops. In several ways, it’s in fact much more flexible than a straight-line bander due to the fact that it can deal with spans, circles, bevels, inside corners and tiny parts. The machine is simple to hold and make use of, has a number of speeds, as well as the adhesive is isolated, so the customer doesn’t obtain burned by hot adhesive. There’s on-board digital control for accurate adhesive circulation, and also the device can be installed to a table (that’s an additional choice) for dealing with little pieces. Festool supports it with brownish, black, all-natural (yellow/tan) as well as white EVA adhesive in 48-unit cartons.

Numerous suppliers including MGM Machinery provide the very best portable edge banders. This one has a stand with folding legs, so it can travel to the jobsite in something as little as the trunk of an SUV. It runs on house present, has a hands-on end leaner, will run tape up to 3″ wide and includes a two-year guarantee.

MGM Machinery with much more significant demands will certainly wish to see a variety of flooring model choices. It provides whatever from the K60 Trim (a compact, semi-automatic machine for both straight and also designed panels) with the Akron series and also on up to the Stream variety of high production makers. The company’s MGM system for unnoticeable edge banding uses compressed hot air for premium results. It permit both settling and edge banding operations to be carried out making use of a solitary system on both the transverse and longitudinal sides of a panel.

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