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Top Quality Apple Trees for Sale

It is thrilling to consider all the various types of fruit trees for sale. But when you are just starting out considering fruit trees for sale if you have never planted fruit trees before, it is a good idea to consider fruit trees that are easy to manage and that will produce a good harvest of fruit most of the time. That is why you should consider apple trees for sale. For your convenience, we mention various types of trees for sale in this article. You will be pleased to note that https://www.chrisbowers.co.uk/ is a wonderful source to get your apple trees from. The trees stock will arrive in good condition and will produce delicious apples if maintained properly.

  1. Christmas Pearmain Apple Trees

The Christmas Pearmain Apple Trees were first recorded as being a highly prized variety of apple trees back in the year of 1893. There is a much shorter supply of this type of apple tree now. But the good news is that you can get yours at the link that we mentioned above. This type of tree produces apples that have an exciting, intense flavour. These apples store well during the months of November through January and can be eaten during that time as well. It will be hard to store them for long, because these apples are so beautiful and tasty. These apples are harvested during the early part of October and are noted as having the best taste around the Christmas season, which is indicated by their name.

  1. Egremont Russet Apple Trees

Egremont Russet Apple Trees produce apples that are ideal to use in various types of desserts. The fruit is considered to be russet and these apples offer a texture that is pleasantly crispy and crunchy. The flavour of these apples is deeply aromatic. In addition, these apples are great to use for juicing. These apples are harvested during the later part of September. The flesh is firm and has a yellow or white appearance. The blossoms of this apple tree will withstand frost quite well and the apples store well.

  1. Granny Smith Apple Trees

The Granny Smith Apple Trees produce apples that are good for snacking and for desert. The apples of this tree are green and offer a texture that is crunchy and crispy. These apples provide a flavour that is refreshing. These apples can be stored during winter and will remain in good condition until about the month of April. This is a sturdy apple tree that will produce a good crop of apples even in the midst of a summer that is warm and dry.

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