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What Is A Heat Pump And How It Works?

In finding what is a heat pump and how does it work, The name of the equipment itself says a lot about how it works. A Heat Pump is nothing more than a device that transfers thermal energy in the form of heat from one medium to another. More specifically, the system extracts from the air the heat needed to heat a bath water tank or boiler. 

This is done using a coolant. This completely ecological substance is pumped through a condenser directly into a coil where it is then evaporated at low pressure, absorbing the heat from the environment. Soon after, the refrigerant fluid is compressed into a condenser, where it makes a heat pump with the water. 

Then there is a second heat exchange. This time, in an evaporator, where the ambient air comes into contact with the refrigerant fluid. Finally, a fan, which is also part of the system, assists in the process of pulling the air that came into contact with the refrigerant and sending it out to the external environment. From there, the cycle starts again. 

In this practical and simple way, the heat pump can heat the water up to 60°C! you can check here for a guide to heat pumps and finding the best contractor to guide you.

Without Competition

As seen, the heat pump does not depend on external factors for its full functioning. Something very different from what happens with other water heating systems, such as solar. A heat pump is still much more efficient than diesel, wood or natural gas heaters, which may not be able to fully meet the demand of a building if there is a lack of fuel.


When comparing a heat pump to a gas-powered heater, the benefits are even greater. This is because, although efficient, the electrical system consumes up to 3 times more energy to heat the same amount of water. The result is felt in your pocket. As they are up to 70% more efficient, heat pumps are economical, making them a high-return investment with a guaranteed payback. 

And why is it more economical? When an enterprise has a gas heating system and installs a Faster, for example, its gas bill is reduced or even zeroed. The only expense that remains is that of electrical energy, necessary for the operation of the heat pump.


The system’s effectiveness is proven in both hot and cold regions. In addition, the system is dimensioned according to the characteristics of each project, ensuring perfect service to each customer’s demand. In addition to ensuring its adaptation to virtually any situation, this customization helps you always get the most out of your equipment.

Easy, Practical And Low Operating Cost

As seen, heat pumps do not require any type of fuel for their operation, only electricity, reducing operating costs. In addition, the system does not require the use of specialized labor and maintenance is simple and only done once a week. It basically consists of washing the radiator fins with water jets from a common hose, such as those used to water the garden. The technology is also easy to use, as it allows an electronic controller to be responsible for keeping the water at the temperature programmed by you.  Now that you know what a heat pump is and some of its main advantages, take the opportunity to install the system in your establishment. In addition to reducing costs, you will contribute to nature and ensure more practicality in your day-to-day.

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