What is auto-protect & what are their services?

By offering real-time security for your computer against attacks, Auto-Protect serves as the first line of defense. Auto-Protect examines the file each time you access, copy, save, move, open, or close it to ensure no threats have attached themselves. It launches automatically when you turn on your computer to protect you against dangers and security hazards. Additionally, it keeps an eye on your computer for any activity that might point to a threat or security problem. Even if a threat modifies the file’s extension, Auto-Protect can still identify the kind of file. Select-auto-protect is essentially a warranty service provider with offices in Wilmington, Delaware. It hasn’t been very long since the company first began operating. It was established in 2020, and as of right now, Trustpilot has given it a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating. Although Select Vehicle-Protect has a rating of 4.6 Auto 5.0 on Google but no Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, most customer reviews are favorable, praising its pricing, quality, straightforward auto warranty options, and customer service.

Types of auto-protect

When making a claim, you can take your car to any certified and registered dealer, repair shop, or technician by the National Institute of Automotive Services Excellence. provides three options: select platinum, select golden, and fine silver.

  • the platinum plan

The plan includes coverage for the entire fuel system, powertrain components, turbochargers, heating systems, and air conditioners—a comprehensive degree of protection and warranty that is comparable bumper to bumper.

  • the silver plan

It covers the engine transmission, drive axle, cooling system, electrical system, and mechanical brakes system. It is the lowest level of warranty when compared to the powertrain warranty.

  • The gold plan

Additionally, this package provides free lockout assistance. Additionally, it provides the coverage of vehicle steering.

Why should your vehicle have an extended auto warranty?

If you own, lease, or finance a vehicle, we are confident that you know how crucial and significant your vehicles are. Residents rely on their cars to move about all year round because of the unpredictable weather. Most vehicles that operate their air conditioning for the bulk of the day in the summer can seriously strain the engine, leading to overheating or worse. Most cars have problems even just starting up in the cold. When it comes to repairing your vehicle, stay away from the trouble and repair costs. Your next covered repair will cost much less if you have a Total Auto Protection Plan.

Coverage Methodology

It functions concerning the plan’s covered components that need repair or replacement. As other businesses offer their services, so does this one. Bring your car to the neighborhood shop, granted a license by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence for the initial analysis. Inform them of your warranty details. As soon as the problem has been resolved, the issue’s administrator notifies you of it and requests payment for the claim fix fees. In a given year, there is no cap on the number of claims.


Drivers can also benefit from the plan, including the monthly payments, rental car reimbursement, and protection for road trips. Each time your car breaks down, the business will charge you $100, and all but help calls require you to pay the deductible immediately.