Fundamentals of Bitcoin hosting

Do you know what web hosting is? 

To make your website available on the internet you need web hosting. The web host will take the responsibilities of all the technologies, services, bandwidth needed for the website to be available on the internet. These websites are stored on specific types of computers that are called servers. For anyone to view your website they need to type in your address or your domain and your website opens up. Their computers get connected to your servers and the web pages get to them through the browser. 

You need to own a domain to host with these hosting companies. They will help you get a domain if you don’t have one. 

Types of Web Hosting

Different kinds of hosting are available. You need to fix your budget and understand the services you would need for your website and then see what kind of services the web hosts will have to give. Here are some of them.

Shared hosting:

It is the kind of hosting where you and other website owners share one server. They are more affordable since you share the costs to operate the server. It does run slower though.

Reseller hosting:

It Is when one company, the one who provides hosting, rents hard drive space and bandwidth to smaller or mid-sized businesses. These small businesses then rent the space to another party like entrepreneurs and sorts. 


A virtual private server let’s you have a dedicated server space by using its virtualization technology. VPS hosting gets you a virtual server that replicates a physical server while the apparatus is shared by multiple servers. Some companies use more than one VPS plans for different requirements in the business. 

What is the best type of web hosting? 

The best and the most popular type of web hosting is the shared hosting. You spilt resources here and the money too which is why it’s more preferred. It is also best suited for small websites. 

Do you pay the web host? 

Yes, usually you pay to buy the domain and then get web hosting. Many websites offer to pay through different ways like bitcoin hosting, where you pay through bitcoins.

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