4 Tips to Choose Format Flatbed Printers

Today purchasing a piece of equipment, like a feature-rich printer, can be equivalent to buying a luxury car, and hence, you shouldn’t rush this process. And when it comes to flatbed printers in the market, you can find yourself going through many devices, and finding a perfect one can feel challenging.

Usually, these printers are apt for digital printing for businesses, but you must select those that are long-lasting and right for your needs. And you can find grand format flatbed printers with a small footprint and larger ones, and they can fit any high-output application. These printers can print on demand throughout the day and don’t need much maintenance. Meanwhile, if you’ve been confused about investing in the right flatbed printer for your business, here are some things that will guide you.

1. The Price of the Printer

A large format flatbed printer is not a light investment. So, you need to understand what you are getting with your money. Meanwhile, the price of these printers differs from one brand to another, and it also fluctuates depending on the printer size. As such, printers that are ten feet wide come in the super or grand format flatbed printer category, and they have a higher price compared to smaller flatbed printers. Also, it’s essential to research the best seller that aligns with your goals. They will guide you to find the printer brand that’s perfect for you. And generally, the prices of these printers begin from $674.995 and can extend all the way to $114.995.

2. Find Out If You Want to Lease or Buy

You must also find out if you want to lease or buy a flatbed printer, and it depends on your financial situation. Meanwhile, purchasing a printer straightaway is less expensive and the speediest option in the long run. Leasing is also an excellent way to bring the printer in compared to financing via a bank. But the ease of leasing a printer can be offset by the higher interest rates. And although financing is a long process, it can provide you with lesser rates and long-term ownership costs. So, find out which option is ideal for your situation.

3. Find How Big a Printer You Require

It is another crucial question where the answer will dictate the kind of printer you buy. Do you want to print thumb drives or billboards? So, if you are more on the smaller side, you may require the capacity to expand at a later date. And if you’re not sure whether you’ll need a big or small printer in the future, look into those manufacturers that provide a full range of printers.

Many of the desktop flatbed printers today allow for more significant growth and flexibility. So as your business grows, the machines can quickly scale up to a full production workflow. You can also find grand format flatbed printers with an auto unloader operator that can change sheets of media within ten seconds. Such high-capacity printers are ideal for large print jobs that require output that can run all day long at more than 60 sheets in an hour.

4. Learn About Its Upkeep

The investment you make in your device will not be the end of your financial duty since routine maintenance and servicing are crucial for every printer. So to ensure the longevity of the printing device, you’ll have to see to it that it’s serviced periodically and is correctly cared for. Additionally, it would be wise if you thought about expenses like media, ink, and other consumables.

So, these are the significant points you need to remember when looking for a flatbed printer. And they will help you figure out a model suited to your business needs.