What Is A Solar Hybrid Generator?

Diesel generators have been used to provide power to industrial companies and construction sites the world over for many years. The continued rising cost of fuel has changed the way that companies look at generator hire however, and alongside the costs of transportation and the storage of generators, many companies and industrial sites are worried about how to source their electricity in future. This is where a solar generator or a solar hybrid generator comes into play, providing the power that you need, without the high costs of the traditional diesel power generators.

A hybrid power generator provides the means with which to power a site whilst significantly reducing the carbon footprint of that site. Fuel costs are reduced massively, and the carbon emissions linked to the site will also significantly reduce. What this means is that for any site manager or manager of an industrial site, it is a no brainer to look for a solar hybrid generator that makes the most of natural sunlight and also has the back-up to ensure minimal disruption on site. For construction sites and remote locations, a solar hybrid generator is the perfect solution for those projects and companies looking to move away from traditional diesel generators and move to a forward-thinking, innovative and environmentally-friendly solution to power the site.

The technology has improved so much in recent years when it comes to solar power and the technology involved with battery storage that the prices have dramatically dropped to the extent where it is now possible to furnish large construction sites and industrial set-ups with solar powered and hybrid solar generator that provide the means to power the projects. It might still be seen as too much of a risk to solely rely on a solar power generator alone, but the hybrid models provide consistency and a chance to minimise disruption should the solar power not be enough on its own to maintain the levels of electricity that you need for your site, utilising battery power that has collected solar power. 

Hybrid solar generators are environmentally considerate, provide you a genuine way to reduce your operational costs and with solar generator hire from a reputable company you’ll be set to go with no hitches. With a solar hybrid generator there is a guarantee of reduced emissions when compared with the traditional diesel generators that were used to power sites. The noise levels are also completely different, with a significant reduction in noise pollution making solar hybrid generators a perfect option to power sites that are active at night or within dense residential areas.

They require little to no maintenance in comparison with traditional generators, can be plugged in and left to work with little fuss, without any compromise on the power levels you can expect to experience from them. They are mobile and very easy to deploy too, very simple to set-up on any site in a fast and efficient manner and can be controlled remotely for the maximum benefit of the management of a site. As technology improves, solar power and hybrid solar generators will surely only get better and provide the chance to power much larger areas in a much more environmentally-friendly way.

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