Everything you Need Knowing about 2021 Audi RS5

With bold styling and high performance, it is quite understandable as to why people love the 2021 Audi RS5. It has sharp cornering ability along with speeding on a straight line makes it one of the few cars that makes driving fun. When in Santa Cruz Audi dealership, people often have some questions in their mind that they need answers to. Hence, going through details about this car will aid in knowing everything you desire.

Engine performance

The sinewy hood of RS5 now holds a V6 twin-turbo engine that generates a colossal 444 horsepower and whopping 443 lb-ft of torque that increased from 317. This power is routed through Audi’s Quattro rear-biased AWD drivetrain with smooth gear shifting through automatic 8-speed transmission.

Moreover, this vehicle is quite easily controllable due to its docile handling, which is sufficiently predictable in dry and wet conditions. What is quite impressive to people is that RS5 rides comfortably from point A to B, irrespective of the distance being long or short. This high-powered vehicle offers 18 mpg in city and 25 mpg on highway; these numbers are quite similar to its competitors if not better in this segment.


High-tech features and rich materials are used for manufacturing the interior of RS5. Moreover, front seats are highly supportive when cornering and offer ample comfort during road trips; long or short. In addition, it also consists of massage functions for driver and passenger on front seat.

Interior ambient lighting, climate control (three zones), panoramic sunroof, etc. are included in every cabin of this car. Moreover, people looking for a fancier experience can opt for diamond stitching, head-up screen, heated steering wheel, gauge cluster fully digitized, etc. Being a coupe, it still offers remarkable visibility and excellent driving position. Also, its rear seat can seat two adults without any problem. In addition, the cargo space can easily hold several carry-ons.

For infotainment system, 10.1-inch screen is available along with standard smartphone integration Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A 19-speaker system is the only available option.

Safety features

Standard driver assistance tech is available, though upgraded features like self-parking, auto high-beams, etc. are available at an additional cost. However, forward collision warning, automated brake system, stop and go adaptive cruise control, lane departure alerts, and lane keeping assistance, are present as standard option.

RS5 coupe model

Unlike most Audi vehicles, this doesn’t have any other trim available apart from the RS5 coupe option. Its price starts from $76,145 and is a beast of a car. Upscale looks and performance makes this automobile a machine quite hard to beat for its competitors. To take a test drive, step in Audi dealership Santa Cruz.

Now you have an idea about the detail of this supreme vehicle. Once you know everything this vehicle has to offer, you won’t be able to resist from buying it. Therefore, simply talk to a dealer to get best deals today. Having this vehicle in your garage is quite the feat and you can use it as everyday vehicle as well as long rides for weekend trips.

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